Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Psych Wars, Begun They Have...

Actually the war has been going on for quite some time, it's only that YOU haven't heard about it is all.

Lately this war has hit main stream big time. And It's time you have been made aware!

Hey, the name "Barack Hussein Obama" gives much fodder to the xenophobic's in this country to work with, you have to admit.

Let's break this down...

Barack rhymes with Iraq, Hussein (Saddam Hussein) is so much fun and finally, the "coup de grace" Obama is only one syllable away from Osama!

So what we have here is a name to be seriously fukked with people!

This wasn't lost on CNN: What's In a Name.

And honestly, who hasn't flubbed this?

Or it could just be

Hey, let's face it, negative politics works here, the majority of Americans living in Southern states still believe Osama, Opps! I mean Obama is not only a Muslim, but will either destroy our country because of being a Muslim, or because so many believe he is the "messiah" further fueling the fire of ignorant Evangelicals wishing Obama is the Anti-Christ they have been waiting for all their lives...

And since this has become a race based on association, "terrorist" has nothing to do with Ayres at all, after all, who thinks of Viet Nam war protesters?


In this day and age, the word "Terrorist" is associated with "Muslims" And who better to associate that with than one who has a "terrorist" name?

Let's be serious for a moment, Most Americans who go into that voting booth will have have a hard time voting for a black, but in this day, a Muslim who is at war with America?

Yeah, it's not so easy....

But can we as Americans vote fear yet again, putting into office those who so often make decisions "with their gut" or do we want people who can rise above that and make decisions with a different part of their anatomy...maybe with their brain?

I know, intelligence isn't something that many care about here, but if you take a look at history, whenever intelligence was killed, say the USSR, in the long run, they didn't do well...

Think about it....

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